Quality Of Service

World's Hardest Locations - Our Exhibition Spots

  • Mosbuild - Russia

  • Coverings - USA

  • Unicera - Turkey

  • Architect Expo - Thailand

  • Koreabuild - South Korea

  • Vietbuild - Vietnam

  • Taipeibuild - Taiwan

  • Worldbex - Philippines

  • Kazbuild - Kazakhstan

  • Uzbuild - Uzbekistan

  • Bakubuild - Azerbaijan

  • UK construction week - United Kingdom

  • Iraqbuild - Iraq

  • Build Expo - Kenya , Tanzania ( East Afrika)

  • Johannesburg - South Africa

  • Ceramic Expo - Nigeria

Quality Of Service

  • Zero-Mistake Policy

  • Easy Accessibility

  • Customer-Oriented Approach

  • Professional Assistance in the fairground

  • Management of Entire Process for the customers

Quality Of Service

B2B Services

  • Guaranteed Leads

  • High Customer Satisfaction

  • Meetings with Key Players

  • Efficient Networking Opportunities

  • Various Options to raise Brand Awareness


Exhibition Booth Construction

To help you achieve a successful fair, reflecting your company’s importance on the market and gathering the maximum efficiency from the fair , MB Expo Consultant builds your stands the following way:

All of the layout plans in desired dimensions and locations are sent to our exhibitors for their approval.

On the layout plan exhibitors will see the drawings and locations of standart materials (chairs, racks, hangers, spots etc.) and extra demandings if any (benches, display windows, room, brochure stands etc.) .

Shell schemes may be different for different exhibitions. Extra supplies are charged seperately and are not included in the stand costs.

Transportation Services For Exhibition Goods

This service consists of transportation of the selected goods to the country in which the fair is being organized, custom clearance , delivering the goods to the fairground and to the booth and all the procedures backwards after the end of exhibition.

MB Expo consultant provide a best transportation services.